Friday, August 3, 2012

Would you believe me if I said I'm back?

Ready and waiting...
Well here I am again, after disappearing for many many moons.  Emily is here as you all know, and life has been extremely busy!    It's just too darn hard these days to find time to sit and write a blog post it seems.  Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, etc. I can do.  That only takes a couple minutes.  But blogging?  That takes time, and thought, so I haven't been keeping up on it like I should. lol!   I have decided to give it another shot though, as Em is now a year old and sleeps slightly better.  I figure I can try blogging when she goes to bed at night. 

If anyone has been following me on Facebook you will have noticed that I've been painting a lot lately.  That's because Em is now taking naps, thank god!  So nap time is sacred in this house.  For that 1-2 stretch you better not bother me because, I'm busy painting!  I've got lots to show and talk about, so hopefully I can get this blog thing going again. 

Ok that's all for now, but do check back later, hopefully tonight I will have written a new post about one of my newest paintings.  Have a great Friday everyone!!

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