Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look What I Won!!

"Me and My Monster" mounted print by Juilette Crane
I'm so excited you guys!!!  I won this lovely mounted print by Juliette Crane!

Seriously, I tried hard to win this and left a total of  4 comments on  The Handmade Gift Guide blog where the giveaway was taking place.  Guess it paid off!

I really wanted this one so bad.  I just love it, because I feel that I can identify with it so well.  It will have a special place in my studio, and I can't wait to get it!

Thank you Juliette and the Handmade Gift Guide for having such a wonderful giveaway!


  1. hooray! i am so happy you love ME + MY MONSTER :) thank you! and congratulations!

    xoxo, juliette

  2. lucky duck! The texture and design in the clothing is wonderful. What a great painting and what a great gift

  3. Congrats Michele. It's gorgeous, and so lovely that you really loved it and now it's yours.

  4. Congrats Michelle! I'm happy for you! :)

  5. congrats!!! & what a HUGE heart gift!
    also a gift (for me) to
    visit & now follow YOUR blog
    & all YOUR dear sweet beautiful wonders! xox

  6. Hi Michelle, How lucky of you to win one of Juliette's prints! :) I hope you have a lovely long weekend~ Theresa

  7. congrats!
    i heart juliette.s work
    yours as well.
    happy days for all.

  8. so cute... congratulations

  9. Congrats sweet Michelle! You are soo lucky. :) Loving Juilette's work. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  10. Oh, Congratulations Michele! I'm so happy for you!! What a wonderful piece of art!! I love it, too! ;)

  11. what a fun little world you have over here. How had I not found you before from flying lessons!

  12. Lucky! I am jealous, I love Juliette's work too. But then again, I guess I had to be in it to win it, and I wasn't...:o)