Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New painting, hikes,motorcycle rides, and not much else getting done...

Hey everyone,  I have a new painting to show you all!  Actually it was finished a while ago, but I forgot to post it.  I call this one Grow.   It will be for sale in Etsy maybe tonight, but definitely by tomorrow.  I'll also have prints available.

I'm still working on my whale, in fact I haven't done much too it except start the background, but it's coming along, I actually really like how it's turning out. I may even do a work in progress pic on the next post. 

I've been busy going on hikes and motorcycle rides this week, so not much art or business stuff is getting done. I really need to buckle down this week and focus, but it is so hard with summer here, and the days being nice, all I want to do is play.

One thing I am focusing on though is finding a way to help my Unicef cause.  I really want to be able to contribute to them but am finding it hard. Now that I am an official Unicef volunteer (!), I figure I best get going on my contributions, so I listed that Fairy Tale collage on Ebay in hopes that it would sell, but sadly, so far it hasn't.  It does have one more day to go though, so there still is hope.  :)   I think I just don't have the audience to sell much right now so my stuff gets buried among the thousands of other things Ebay has to offer, of course, hopefully all that will change someday. 

I'm also still working on getting more artists together to make an art piece in order to sell on Ebay with the profits going to Unicef, so if you are reading this, and interested in participating please let me know.  A couple of you have responded and I'm so glad and excited you are wanting to do this project with me!

In other news, I am finishing up my new website, and I should roll it out later this week, or early next week.  I think you will like it!  I have the option of having my blog on there as well, and think I might use it, but am worried I'll loose followers if I switch, plus I really like blogger and am very familiar with it so it's hard to change.  I'm still making my mind up on that. Of course I'll let you know when the time comes .:)

Oh yeah, my Hootie the Owl print has been sold and relisted on Etsy!  If you are interested please stop by!


  1. This painting is gorgeous! Ia lways adore the wonderful colors you used! Hike and motorcycle rides sounds fun! I am so happy you are taking some time off for yourself to just enjoy the nature around you! I am excited about your new website! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by... I like the flowers, I love the yellow and pink, You use such nice bright colours.. I'm waiting to see the whale

  3. Love the new painting you have here, bright and beautiful as always. Have fun in the sun!!!

  4. OOO I just wanted to thank you for the info on world of whimsy with Willowing....
    I just want to take all the courses. Its looks fun , maybe my next course. Although I see she sells the DVDS too.
    And thanks for your kind words..... I can touch the doggies again friday.... Yay. and I found kosher salt, Thank Goodness.

  5. Busy, busy, busy. Loooove your new colourful creation - its growing and blooming exuberantly just like you LOL! So looking forward to seeing your new website and am intrigued by your Unicef challenge too.
    Well, hun, maybe the sun is 'calling' you to play for a reason... that you need to recharge, get inspired or even rested in preparation for new challenges in store. Go with it hun... the summer all too soon fades!
    Squishy hugs xx

  6. Hi Michele, I love your new painting!! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun hiking and motorcycle riding. I agree with the previous poster that you should have fun while you can! Good luck with the new website and Unicef :)

  7. drawn by your colors again... and couldn't resist.. and have to say.. "YOUR ART ROCKS!"

  8. oooh this is GORGEOUS and makes me happy this morning... thanks so much!
    Keep spilling more happiness onto those canvases, LOVE your work ;)

  9. Hey Michele! Love your new painting. "Grow" fits you right now! You're doing everything right! Moving ahead so fast...making big strides. It's awesome to see you take off in flight. Can't wait to see your new website, if you decide to go that way! I'm glad to be along with you on your ride. Mine's going slower but I'll get there. ;)