Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just when I thought I would have time to roam around and blog hop, I remembered I needed to make a piece for my mom's birthday. This is what I came up with.

Something new and different. It all started when I read the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and saw the article on Zentangles.

Boy did those look like fun, and they reminded me a bit of Hundertwasser's art, which I love. Needless to say I was totally intrigued to try some. I made one that night, and then another the next night which is the one I made for my mom.

This drawing was originally made on a square piece of paper, about 4x4, and then I took our handy dandy art projector and projected that bad boy onto a 10x10 canvas. I traced as best I could in pencil, and then set about to painting it.

What a change to be painting again! A lot more detail work that's for sure! But it was fun and it was meditative which was nice. I have another one in the works, which is more Hundertwasser-y I think, but I'm guessing it will take awhile to make. I definitely can't bust 6 of these out a night that's for sure!

Soooo, now I think I'm ready to finally catch up on blogs. I feel really bad, I've been neglecting everyone out there, but I hope to remedy that real soon!